Share Your Story

You’ve read the stories. You’ve browsed the Education Station. Now, you want to help… but how?

First of all, thank you so much for displaying interest in this project! Rest assured that your collaboration is greatly appreciated. By sharing your experiences, you will make someone else’s journey through a loved one’s cancer diagnosis significantly smoother. You will become their shoulder to lean on.

Second of all, sharing your story is simple. If you are comfortable, you may write about your loved one’s diagnosis, their treatment, and how you felt during this time/how you coped with it. Always keep in mind that a short, heartfelt message is worth so much more than something drawn-out. If you can only put your heart into three paragraphs, so be it!

When your story is complete, fill out this form. A Shoulder To Lean On Project volunteer will receive your submission and, within a couple days or weeks, your submission will be posted on the website! The editing process is fairly quick, but we do not have many volunteers, so it takes some time for submissions to be approved and posted.

That’s it! Once your story is posted, it will become a permanent fixture on the website. Future generations will appreciate your willingness to provide your experiences and hopefully, you will inspire them to will themselves through what is oftentimes a very tough situation.

Thank you for your time. Thanks to people like you, The Shoulder To Lean On Project has grown from an idea to reality.