“Eating Hints” recipes

The following recipes are taken from the American Cancer Society’s “Eating Hints.”Full credit goes to the creators of this document.


banana1  banana1  banana1

Banana Milkshake

To help with appetite loss

1 whole ripe banana, sliced

Vanilla extracts (a few drops)

  • Put all the ingredients into a blender.
  • Blend at high speed until smooth.



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Apple/Prune sauce

To help relieve constipation

1/3 cup unprocessed bran

1/3 cup applesauce

1/3 cup mashed stewed prunes

  • Blend all the ingredients and store in a refrigerator.
  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of this mixture before bedtime, and then drink 8 ounces of water.

Note: Make sure you drink the water, or else this recipe will not work to relieve constipation.



brown-cow  brown-cow  brown-cow

Lactose-free double chocolate pudding

To help with lactose intolerance

2 squares baking chocolate (1 ounce each)

1 cup nondairy creamer, rice, soy, or lactose-free milk

1 tablespoon cornstarch

¼ cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • Melt chocolate in a small pan.
  • Measure cornstarch and sugar into a separate saucepan.
  • Add part of the liquid and stir until cornstarch dissolves.
  • Add the rest of the liquid.
  • Cook over medium heat until warm.
  • Stir in chocolate until mixture is thick and comes to a boil.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Blend in vanilla and cool.



Colored peach  Pear half  Colored peach

Fruit and cream

To help with sore mouth

1 cup whole milk

1 cup vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt

1 cup canned fruit (peaches, apricots, pears) in heavy syrup with juice

Almond or vanilla extract to taste

  • Blend ingredients in a blender and chill well before serving.



Brown cow   Vector silhouette of man powerlifting  Brown cow

Protein-fortified milk

To help with weight loss

1 quart (4 cups) whole milk

1 cup nonfat instant dry milk

  • Pour liquid milk into a deep bowl.
  • Add dry milk and beat slowly with a mixer until dry milk is dissolved (usually less than five minutes).
  • Refrigerate and serve cold.

Note: If it tastes too strong, start with ½ cup of dry milk powder and slowly work up to 1 cup.



Cow silhouette vector image  Vector silhouette of man powerlifting  Cow silhouette vector image

High-protein milkshake

To help with weight loss

1 cup protein-fortified milk

2 tablespoons butterscotch sauce, chocolate sauce, or your favorite fruit syrup or sauce

½ cup ice cream

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

  • Put all the ingredients in a blender. Blend at low speed for 10 seconds.



oie_f4IlCvBWQ4xC  oie_f4IlCvBWQ4xC  oie_f4IlCvBWQ4xC

Peanut butter snack spread

To help with weight loss

1 tablespoon nonfat instant dry milk

1 teaspoon water

5 tablespoons smooth peanut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • Combine dry milk, water, and vanilla, and stir to moisten.
  • Add honey and peanut butter, and stir until blended.
  • Spread on crackers.
  • Mixture also can be formed into balls, chilled, and eaten as candy.

Note: keeps well in a refrigerator, but is hard to spread when cold. For obvious reasons, do not feed this to someone with a peanut allergy.


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